February 2020 Show & Tell

Preschool/Kindergarten February EQ Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, February 27th & 28th

“Our Most Memorable Family Adventure”

       As we explore our Earth’s diverse features this month, both below and above the surface, we are reminded of the adventurous spirit that resides within each of us.  This spirit is most evident in our children, and challenges us to pursue new, exciting experiences, which nurture self-discovery.  Adventures and excursions with family also build pride and lifelong bonds between one’s self and family members.

     Enjoy reminiscing about a memorable adventure you have experienced together as a family.  Your child may share a drawing, souvenir, photo, scrapbook page, or other memento that depicts a most memorable family adventure at our next Show & Tell.  What treasures will we unearth as we take this opportunity to see the world through each other’s eyes?


Pajama Days

Pajama Days
Thursday & Friday, February 20th & 21st

     You’re invited to a Pajama Party! Wear your warmest pajamas to school on Thursday and Friday, February 20th and 21st, to celebrate “letter Pp week”!

(Please keep the weather in mind and layer appropriately if needed. Please leave your slippers, robes, blankies, and stuffed animals at home and wear regular shoes so that we can play safely at school.)


February 2020 Theme & Calendar

Our February Theme:
Earth Explorations I: Burrowing Underground

    Take a look at what lives under the earth’s surface: the furry groundhog (Groundhog’s Day is February 2nd), the wiggly earthworm, creepy crawlies, and the hibernating bear have secrets to share.  Seeds and nuts are sleeping, too, and plants that die down in fall have roots still alive and waiting.  We’ll explore what can be found in fertile soil before venturing to the lands of sand called deserts…

Earth Explorations II: Life in the Desert

    What a contrast!  The lands of sand seem to be without life, but wait!  There are animals, and plants too, that survive and thrive here.  They have secret ways of finding water, and running on the hot surface, and living through the cold nights…

Our February calendar is below. Click on the image for a printable PDF!

February MTG Calendar

2019 Year-End Receipts

Receipts From our Fiscal Department

       Kinder Works is happy to email or mail tuition payment receipts upon request. If you would like a receipt for 2019 year-end taxes, dependent care, or any other purpose, please email us at kinderworks@kinderworks.net. Be sure to include your child’s name and with which Kinder Works you are affiliated.

       Please be advised that requests could take up to 2 weeks to process; our year-end figures are completed by mid-February. Your school’s EIN number is given in your Parent Handbook and on all receipts.

       Please note that our school Directors do not have access to your fiscal information, and all such inquiries and requests should go directly to our Fiscal Office. Thank you!


January 2020 Show & Tell

Preschool/Kindergarten January EQ Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, January 30th & 31st

“My Favorite Story…”

       Reading and telling stories allows children to relate to others more easily, to understand another’s perspective, and also creates an emotional bond between the storyteller and the listener.  As an added bonus, reading stories also reinforces an appreciation for literacy and literature!

     In conjunction with our “Favorite Authors, Composers, Scientists, Explorers & Artists” theme, we invite every child to bring in their favorite story to share on our EQ Show & Tell days (we will not schedule parents to read on these two days).