April Infant/Toddler Photos

Please enjoy pictures of our Infants!

Please enjoy pictures of our Younger Toddlers

Please enjoy pictures of our Older Toddlers

2017-18 Priority Registration

Registration for the 2017-2018 School Year:
Registration for Preschool & Kindergarten begins Monday, May 1st

       It’s time to renew your child’s enrollment for the 2017-18 school year at Kinder Works.  As with last year, you can complete your renewal online!

     Current Kinder Works clients have a one-week private registration period, in which you receive priority over the general public.  Private registration begins on Monday, May 1st and continues through Friday, May 5th.  We will email you the appropriate secure link on Thursday, April 27th; please be sure to watch for your email (or notify your Director if you would prefer a paper copy of the renewal form)!

     If you are not changing your schedule for Preschool, just submit the online renewal any time during the one-week registration period.  All current schedule renewals received within this period will be automatically confirmed.  **This also applies to Toddlers who are graduating into the Preschool Program.

     Renewals that request a change of schedule, and applicants for Private Kindergarten or Kindergarten Enrichment are taken on a first come, first served basis.  It is important for you to submit your enrollment renewal as soon as possible. Registration opens to the general public on Monday, May 8th.

     Thank you for your cooperation in this process, and for choosing Kinder Works!

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Friday, April 28th
Watch your Email inbox for Conference Sign-Up Sheets online!

       Invitations to sign up for Conferences (using “SignUp Genius”) have been emailed today, Monday, April 10th.  Just follow the link provided in your email to sign up for the time slot that works best for you!  Spring Conferences provide an opportunity to meet with our teachers, who will discuss your child’s classroom participation and experiences with you, as well as our Kinder Works Child Profile.  Our Kinder Works Standards & Curriculum Guides are always available for you to review.

     You will receive a copy of your child’s Profile prior to conference time.  This is a record of observations of his or her development here at school.  We look forward to seeing you at your conference on Thursday, April 27th or Friday, April 28th!

*Please note that Friday, April 28th is not a regular school day; there will be no classes held on this day.*

Safety at Kinder Works

Safety is Our Priority!

       At Kinder Works, safety is a priority.  Our school is equipped with a security system that includes a keypad-entry.  You were given a confidential access code when you enrolled; please share your confidential code only with those adults you authorize to pick up your child.

     When you enter the building, if you hold the door open for someone else to enter, please be sure that you know this person is involved with Kinder Works.  You may be familiar with faces of other parents and staff, or you may know the person.  If not, please kindly tell him or her to ring the doorbell because you don’t recognize him/her.  If you are uncomfortable because someone has followed you in, please tell the Director or any of our staff right away.

     Thank you for keeping us all safe!

Spring Egg Hunts

Spring Egg Hunts
Tuesday & Wednesday, April 11th & 12th

       Kinder Works welcomes Spring with our annual Egg Hunts!  During your child’s Gym & Music period, the Kinder Works Rabbit will hide her eggs all over our playground, and watch the excitement as the boys and girls try to find all of her secret hiding places and fill their bags with special treats.  Who knows what we will find!

April Show & Tell

Preschool/Kindergarten SEL (“EQ”) Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, April 20th & 21st
“Be Wild and Talented! Demonstrate your Talent!”

       The Wild, Wild West reminds us of exploring new frontiers, as we recall pioneers who dreamed of creating new lives and used their talents to do so.  Cowboys sang under the stars, performed gymnastics in the saddle, and told stories around the campfire… settlers brought seeds to grow gardens to sustain them… they made their own clothes, and cooked from scratch… Native Americans demonstrated their talents in painting, dance, as well as story-telling… What do you think you can do?

     Parents, send your children in to Show and Tell eager to share their special talent.  Maybe it’s a photo or picture of something they did or made; perhaps it’s a story or a joke; it could be a work of art or a musical instrument to be played for us all!