September 2019 Show & Tell

Preschool/Kindergarten  EQ Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, September 26th & 27th
“Getting to Know You… and Me!” 

       We want to give each child a chance to share a little about themselves at our first Show & Tell of the school year.  This “EQ” opportunity is a time to build self-esteem, confidence and relationships by sharing something personal.  This activity validates a child’s feelings of individual significance and develops a sense of belonging with social skills that are fundamental to every relationship: the skills of speaking and listening.  Show & Tell may be a favorite toy or book, a photo, drawing, or a family project.  Send your child ready to share something about themselves during Language Arts on these two days.


September 2019 Theme & Calendar

Our September Theme:
All About Me and You!

    It’s all about relationships: with ourselves, with other people, and with everything in our environment.  EQ (emotional intelligence) refers to our ability to relate in healthy, successful and therefore happy ways; and this is foundational for the Kinder Works Curriculum.

    We always start our new school year by learning about our school, our new friends, and ourselves.  Rules, respect and routines help us keep our environments safe, healthy and pleasing.  Manners, mutual respect and cooperation help us make and keep friends.  Self-respect and communication skills enable us to meet our own individual needs and know ourselves better.

    In our town and community, it takes cooperation, collaboration and acceptance of differences to create a neighborhood.  People serve and work in many roles.

    As we communicate about ourselves, our families and our community, we will also begin our yearly practice of Sign Language and Spanish.

Our September calendar is below. Click on the image for a printable PDF!

September MTG Calendar