2019 Year-End Receipts

Receipts From our Fiscal Department

       Kinder Works is happy to email or mail tuition payment receipts upon request. If you would like a receipt for 2019 year-end taxes, dependent care, or any other purpose, please email us at kinderworks@kinderworks.net. Be sure to include your child’s name and with which Kinder Works you are affiliated.

       Please be advised that requests could take up to 2 weeks to process; our year-end figures are completed by mid-February. Your school’s EIN number is given in your Parent Handbook and on all receipts.

       Please note that our school Directors do not have access to your fiscal information, and all such inquiries and requests should go directly to our Fiscal Office. Thank you!


January 2020 Show & Tell

Preschool/Kindergarten January EQ Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, January 30th & 31st

“My Favorite Story…”

       Reading and telling stories allows children to relate to others more easily, to understand another’s perspective, and also creates an emotional bond between the storyteller and the listener.  As an added bonus, reading stories also reinforces an appreciation for literacy and literature!

     In conjunction with our “Favorite Authors, Composers, Scientists, Explorers & Artists” theme, we invite every child to bring in their favorite story to share on our EQ Show & Tell days (we will not schedule parents to read on these two days).

Guest Readers

Guest Readers in January!
January 6th through January 29th

       As we explore our “Favorite Authors” this month, we are inviting parents (or Grandparents, Aunts, special friends) to read a story to the children during their Language Arts period.  “Guest-readers” can sign up with our Language Arts Specialist, Mrs. Amanda Wilson, or our Director, Mrs. Nicole Stewart.  Please indicate what story you want to bring (so we don’t have repeats), and select your date & time.  Space is limited, and is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Thank you for participating and sharing your love of reading! 


January 2020 Theme & Calendar

Our January Theme:
Favorite Authors, Composers, Scientists, Explorers & Artists

    This theme is back by popular demand!  Our Specialists and Class Teachers will choose their favorites from among famous writers, poets, scientists, explorers, sculptors, painters and musicians… Their gifts of knowledge, discoveries & creations are the best of mankind.  And now, they can inspire our lesson plans, and our children!  Perhaps we will explore genres of expression or ideas that led to discoveries.  Perhaps we can try our hands at creating our own masterpieces or finding out how something works… our imagination has no limits!

Our January calendar is below. Click on the image for a printable PDF!

September MTG Calendar